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Software Engineer
Berlin, Germany
What does it mean to have friends? They contact you, you contact them, to engage in activities together, outside of work. In an ideal future, work is aligned with voluntary pursuits. You need a system of initiating and maintaining contact. https://medium.com/suomesta/philosophy-of-innovation-1ac6ff033e75 What makes friendship worthwhile is to have well developed hobbies – e.g. Kinopoli, not just to watch films, but have background and analyses ranging from narratives to cinematography – namely, sophistication. The quality in both is indispensably linked, and with what it means to become developed as a person, to achieve flourishing, to experience the most elevating aspects of living. What is epidemic is not just the symptoms of isolation and anguish, but a lack of skill to develop sophistication and to connect. Something is also missing from tools of facilitation. Mostly related to language tech… Also the many steps between physical phenomena that are available for analysis by machines and the mental life of psycholinguistics, from particles of air, to spectrograms, to phonemes, to lexicon, to structural semantics, to pragmatics, to thoughts, sentiments, and qualia computed by the electricity between neurons… Greater products and wealth are to be created by having original insight and understanding of the nature of things Kahneman has explained the experiencing and the remembering self. My opinion: the value of experiences is as good as making it available in cognitive processing – memory, as reconstructed is as good as the past – and what we experience through the senses is as good as real – it is living To connect at the level of the intellect, what is needed is a vehicle or stage, a facilitating setup of object that brings multiple minds to a shared topic. What is the act of sharing a link, writing or reading a message, having a seminar, a workshop – analogous to Werner Herzog’s idea that the world needs “adequate images”, what we lack are adequate “PowerPoints”, forthcoming, of substance, lucid, cogent, high-quality as if carefully handcrafted, on any of the millions of topics, appropriate to the one at hand. A meaningful discussion on a specific topic needs a good setup
Mohsin Kamal
Junior Frontend Developer at eClear AG
Berlin, Germany
I’m a React developer working in a FinnTech company in Berlin. I started my career as an Optical Transmission Engineer in Huawei. It was nice but after some time, I totally lost interest since everyting was so repetitive. Then in 2019, I switched to software development and did my Masters degree in Software Development. Until mid 2020, I really had no idea about coding. I was pretty bad at it and even simple lines of code would seems very complex to me. There was also the pandemmic at that time and since I had to stay at home, I started learning React Native on Udemy. That was the time when I really started to understand most of the stuff about coding. I would make Trap beats, Design cars and maybe tune a Golf IV in my garage(if I had both of these) My mentor influenced me the most. When I started out, my own friends told me that I didnt have the right attitude to learn how to code, let alone React. But my mentor actually motivated me to do it and helped me throughtout my journey.
Software engineer at JustWatch
Berlin, Germany
Hello! I’m currently living in Berlin, working full time at JustWatch as a software engineer (mainly back-end focused). Working on the side on Frenl. I studied computer science in the south of France, stayed for a while in Los Angeles and then actually moved to Berlin for JustWatch. Still loving the city :) I love coding and building things so I don’t think that I would ever stop, even if I didn’t have to work. My cousin from LA will definitely stay as one of the biggest positive influences on my life. He’s the one that showed me the “startup life” and showed me that work could be a relaxed thing :) Bitcoin is popular simply because it fits a modern narrative saying that everything would be so much better if deregulated. In the end, my feeling is that this “revolution” is actually going back to a feudal monetary system using crypto instead of gold, wasting an crazy amount of energy in the process.
QA at vehiculum
Berlin, Germany
I am currently a student at TU Berlin and I work as a quality assurance engineer at Vehiculum (a berliner startup for digital car leasing) I am working a lot on machine learning at the moment for my master thesis. In my free time I like to organize everything I am doing and currently I have a ton of ideas that I want to work on. I have studies computre engineering for my bachelors and now I am doing a master in computer science. For my job however I started as a manual tester and gradually started an automation testing project. The goal is to have a test suite that can either run a set of frontend tests on demand as part of our CI/CD pipeline or periodically run the full set of tests. I generally like to build tools that make everything I do easier. So most likely I will spend my time building web apps and writing scrapers and scripts to automate stuff the I do repeatedly or to even improve them!
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