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Software engineer at JustWatch
Berlin, Germany
Hello! I’m currently living in Berlin, working full time at JustWatch as a software engineer (mainly back-end focused). Working on the side on Frenl. I studied computer science in the south of France, stayed for a while in Los Angeles and then actually moved to Berlin for JustWatch. Still loving the city :) I love coding and building things so I don’t think that I would ever stop, even if I didn’t have to work. My cousin from LA will definitely stay as one of the biggest positive influences on my life. He’s the one that showed me the “startup life” and showed me that work could be a relaxed thing :) Bitcoin is popular simply because it fits a modern narrative saying that everything would be so much better if deregulated. In the end, my feeling is that this “revolution” is actually going back to a feudal monetary system using crypto instead of gold, wasting an crazy amount of energy in the process.
Software Engineer at Zalando
Berlin, Germany
Here are a few different ways that I can contribute: As an Architect: You need microservices designed in an efficient, scalable, atomic way or improving an existing one to be more performant As a developer: You need someone to execute a service from scratch, or jump in and I love a good work stories. Bloopers, challenging obstacles you managed to overcome, frustrations, anything at all!
Backend Engineer at JustWatch
Berlin, Germany
I’m currently working on podcast tracking platform. Similar to Last.fm but for podcasts. Studied computer science for a while but then decided I rather just work on real problems.
Data Engineer at JustWatch
Berlin, Germany
Know how to optimise queries on columnar databases. Learning Go.
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