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Data Scientist at Ecovadis
Berlin, Germany
I am working as a data scientist for a company called Ecovadis. I spend my time developing models and learning about software engineering. On the side, I have a hobby project (https://www.myweekahead.com). I built this to improve my technical skills as well as make it as a playground for all my upcoming experiments. I completed my studies in computer engineering and computer science, earning both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I started my career as a quality assurance engineer, spending significant time on manual testing and developing automated tests for web applications. Recently, I wrapped up my master’s thesis on detecting greenwashing on social media using machine learning, and I’m now working as a data scientist, diving into exciting data-driven projects. I generally like to build tools that make everything I do easier. So most likely I will spend my time building web apps and writing scrapers and scripts to automate stuff the I do repeatedly or to even improve them!
Data Scientist at Zalando
Berlin, Germany
Can give advice on Machine Learning, how to conduct a Data Science project or what the Data Science world looks like. My main area or interested at the moment are Marketing Performance and Machine Learning pipeline. Interested in meeting people over a call or cup of coffee. To hear about their job, industry and how they got there.
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