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Founder at epek.app
Berlin, Germany
I’m working on epek.app - to make planning and collaboration super easy for people! While the marketing language focuses on product managers and tech engineering teams, epek is for #everyone! The idea is simple: you open epek and you see your next goal, the one after, and the long term goals. You and your team know exactly what you need to do to reach those goals. Oh and you can share this with anyone in your organization/group - the seamless and intuitive interface lets anyone make sense of what’s going on in seconds! I studied computer science and had various tech jobs going from project management to quality assurance to frontend development and then product management in the last 4 years. I switched to Product Management because I was always obsessed with thinking through our development tasks and figuring out how that contributed to the big product or business goals. Turns out my team saw that and told me I was pretty much doing two jobs and getting more joy out of the “product management” part. So I decided to make it my proper profession. I still love coding myself but see myself as much more useful as the product person. The official switch to product management showed me all the issues that product managers face, and the biggest of them all: proper strategic communication. I eventually quit my job and started working full time on Epek in October last year! Oh I would be building up epek.app, doing a lot of sports (I recently fell in love with Tennis), and travel the world! Mindfulness has truly transformed me, and it would not have been possible without the many amazing teachers I had along the way! I learnt about Mindfulness about 5 years ago while watching a TED talk. Since then I read up a few books about it, learnt proper mindfulness meditation with Buddhist teachers, started practicing yoga and so on. The best thing I got out of it was to do everything with attention and kindness. This truly changed me as a person, a team member, and as a leader. I have been able deal with plenty of otherwise stressful situations and help those around me, simply thanks to the bit of mindfulness I have been able to integrate in my life. Here’s one of the first videos that got the mindfulness ball rolling for me: Watch on Youtube It’s time to introduce Universal Basic Income to the entire world. I think it’s a viable alternative to existing state support systems and will lead to a less stressful and more creative world.
Berlin, Germany
I could help with a lot of stuff. I specialize in branding, web, and graphic design. I would be happy to give feedback or recommendations. I’m also looking for more freelance work. What’s next. I debating going from web design to more of a front end dev position. I’m learning new languages but not sure if it’s a good idea
Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
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