Round 17 - Jan 13, 2020

Showing Loomly

Bootstrapping as a non-technical founder to triple-digit annual growth

“Loomly has a pretty fun - and quite unconventional - background interview.”

Hello Thibaud! Tell us about Loomly

Loomly has a pretty fun - and quite unconventional - background interview.

Back in 2015, along with my life & business partner Noémie, I was managing an advertising agency established in the US and in France.

One of our core processes, creating & managing editorial calendars, was based on spreadsheets (with a lot of copy/paste), which meant: repetitive tasks, wasted time and unnecessary errors.

I am no engineer, I just learnt programming on my own, and was able to come up with a prototype to streamline this workflow, which we started using with our clients.

Flash-forward to today: Loomly has grown into a full-fledge brand success platform, now serving 4,000 marketing teams around the world, with triple-digit annual growth.

We are a small team of highly effective people working 100% remotely and are always happy to connect with makers and engineers interested in sharing this crazy ride.

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by Thibaud Clement
CEO at Loomly
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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